About Us

At Xanthippe Creations, the focus is on innovation and customer centric product of 21st century.

Xanthippe creations is all about innovation. Our Businesses, products and services are inspired by customer centric innovations in all spheres of life. We are comitted to contribute in the growth story of India, generate employment opportunies, driving growth and empowering our business associates, employees, partners and the customers.

Innovative thinking, technology driven product delivery and serving the community by uplifting the standard of humanity in all spheres of life is what makes us the entity we are today. All our products and services touch the human soul in unimaginable way, bringing smiles and prosperity across generations.

Our Guiding Values

Though business will keep evolving in years to come, we, at Xanthippe Creations, follow these guiding values in everything we do in our day to day life.

  • We innovate and come out with the best product or service in the market.
  • We deal honestly with all our business associates, partners, shareholders, employees and customers.
  • We don’t misrepresent any fact about our product, service or about the company and its position while selling our product or services.
  • Respect for people, culture, various faiths, religion and any ethinicity is fundamental of our work culture, repect for woman being the most important value.
Pioneering Innovation

We use technology and innovation to create products and services that impact human lives. Our R&D and relentless efforts to deliver only the best have been the reason for our growth and success. Well, customer approach has always been the core of our innovation. We believe in our products and services adding value to our customers’ life.


Long standing relationship happens when you have open ears. We constantly listen to all our partners or business associates who deliver our products and to our customers who use our products or services. We walk that extra mile to listen. Without listening, we can’t understand, and without understanding, we can’t keep on innovating.

Creating Value

We always believe in setting up the right expectation among our customers and delivering it. All our products and services offer tremendous value for money to our end users. Nothing gives us happiness and satisfaction than a smile on our customers’ face when they use our products or services. That smile is the inspiration that keeps us going.