We believe strongly that effective corporate strategies are capabilities driven. We know what we are good at, how those capabilities create value, and which are the markets and what are the products, where those capabilities can earn us a right to win.

Our Innovations are driven by the following rule of 4.

We incorporate these rules in our product development cycle, which goes through three stages

At the ideation stage, we try to gain insight into customer needs and an understanding of the potential relevance of emerging technologies and products/services we plan to roll out.

At the product development stage, we engage actively with customers to prove the validity of concepts and to assess market potential and risks, and the ability to leverage existing product platforms into new products.

At the commercialization stage, we work with pilot users to roll out products carefully but quickly, and to coordinate across the entire organization for an effective launch.

Currently we are working on two new products that will be launched in the years to come.


It is a Robot which acts as a personalized tutor and a wonderful companion for student

  • To play with them
  • To interact with them
  • To help them in their studies, etc.

It tells students what to do… How to do… And when to do…

It teaches the students Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology which lay the foundation for their higher studies and make their life lively and inspires them to achieve their goal in an easy and scientific way.



  • Lesson plan preparation
  • Pre-preparation of daily concepts
  • Bridging the gap between School, Tuition and Home
  • Scientifically monitoring the performance of a student
  • Identify the capacity of a student
  • Students can hear  stories from E-book
  • It helps students to gain knowledge and exposure.
  • It understands the circle of influence of the student.
  • Scientifically comparing and analyzing his earlier performances

FOE3018 not only helps in academic side but also in extra- curricular activities like cooking, sports, gardening, etc. apart from the rest and recreation activities like music, yoga, games, etc.

We are changing the way the world learns. Come be a part of this future; be a part of history being made. FOE3018 will transform each child into an “ACHIEVER” for whom impossible becomes nothing.

Delivery Restaurant

Launching a new breakfast focused delivery restaurant where one can actually customize breakfast.

We are in the process of finalizing the finest breakfast menu for working professionals. Yes! We are innovating our menu and are in the process of creating dishes that will balance taste and calories.

Sourcing fresh and finest ingredients is another area of our research; we want only the best to be served to our customers. Finding the best vendor who shares the same passion as ours – quality and tasty food – is always a challenge and we are finding ways to meet it.

Innovation in packaging is another area we are working on to ensure that the best quality hot food reaches our end user in the same way as we could have served them if they were dinning in.

Keep looking for this space as the finest innovative delivery restaurant takes shape.