AOB Agency

AOB was envisaged with the only goal, which is to improve the sales of clients utilizing our services. We don’t want our clients to shuttle between multiple agencies to achieve their goal of improvised sales.

We believe that branding, marketing and sales (whether online or offline) should be in sync and should lead to greater sales number.

360 degree solution aimed at sales improvement – All at one place.

New channel building, Sales/Distribution network setup, Franchisee development, B2B Business Network development or B2C Sales.

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La Fantasia is the result of unique tie up between Camilia Fausti, the finest children room interior designer from Italy and MySuperKid, led by Dr. Praveen Kumar, one of the leading Early Childhood Experts from India.

This tie up will focus on creating rooms for children keeping in mind the psychometric profile of the children along with their needs and preferences.

Sensory Room

  • Engages All Senses
  • Facilitates learning and creativity
  • Channelize the energy in children
  • Enhances positivity

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India’s first certified training program in Child care & Babysitting.

MySuperNanny has national presence and a wide network that ensures the job placements.

  • 100% placement after the completion of course
  • Conditional offer letter is provided on the day of joining the course
  • Committed to the safety and rights of Nanny deputed/ placed by us

Nanny as a Career

  • Very rewarding and satisfying. Ensures a life time financial security.
  • You will earn respect and name by the virtue of your skill and efficiency as a Nanny or babysitter.
  • Work full time/part time or only on weekends based on your convenience.
  • Payment linked to duration of your work.


What is Nanny?

Someone who is fully invested in a child’s development and well-being, during their early childhood, nurturing the child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

  • Nanny is a co-parent.
  • Bonding with children
  • Providing discipline and teaching them like parents

Parents get information from their nannies on their child’s development and interests.

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